i n d e x                  d r a w i n g                       s c u l p t u r e                      i n s t a l l a t i o n                      c v                      c o n t a c t                     l i n k s

e l i z a b e t h  p o r t e r

s c u l p t u r e  2 0 0 9
(made by someone who lives in a cave)


Don’t you wonder sometimes, when someone asks you, what the hell you’re doing, how to tell it;
to explain to someone else using these articles: these letters and words,
to pull them out of the chaos and line them up tidily like this;
like beads or shells threaded on a string, and then they hardly amount to anything
 other than perhaps the attempt to to express or explain what you had already done in this other way, with these other things.

These are some of those other things.

Frey Bentos tin, lambs skin pipe cleaner, clockwork, holly,lamp cage, rabbit fur, moles skin, limestone, lead, oak,
headlight, brick, corrugated cardboard, lichen, film, earring, child's trainer,
aluminum, plastic dust sheet, horse chestnut, bottle tops, screw, thread eggshell, traveller's joy, cat